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Simple Chicken with Broccoli Recipe cooked in a cast iron wok.

The Broccoli gets steamed and the chicken get velveted ahead of time so this is a dish that can be cooked very quickly once all of the prep is done.
8oz Chicken
1/2 Tablespoon Rice Wine
Splash of Soy Sauce
1 Egg White
1/2 Tablespoon Corn Starch

1/4 Cup Chicken Stock
1 Tablespoon Soy Sauce
1 Tablespoon Hoisin Sauce
1 Tablespoon Honey
1 teaspoon black vinegar
1/2 teaspoon Garlic
1/2 teaspoon Ginger
1/2 teaspoon sesame oil
Pinch of White Pepper

Thickening slurry:
Water and corn starch (I normally use 2 Tablespoons water and 1 Tablespoon corn starch)

Coat Chicken with marinade and set aside.
Make sauce.
Steam Broccoli until just tender then rinse with cold water.
Add chicken to slowly boiling water. Stir quickly to prevent sticking and turn off heat. Stir for about 2 minutes until chicken is opaque. Remove from water, drain and let cool.
Heat wok on high heat, add oil and swirl.
Add chicken and cook until it gets just a bit of color.
Add sauce when starts to boil add Thickening slurry. When sauce is desired thickness turn off heat and serve.

The wok that I am using

The wok ring that I am using

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36 thoughts on “Wok Cooking Stir-fry Chicken with Broccoli Recipe / World of Flavor

  1. +Eliana Martinez would not be the same but you can use that, I would go with the thicker one. 

  2. I grew up in a Chinese restaurant owned by my aunt and uncle that had great Broccoli Chicken but never seen him boil the chicken and the vegis were always fresh, waste of time to steam them.

    1. Albee213
      don’t see the point of marinate the chicken ,then boiled it then cook it again must have been like rubber

    2. +Paul Montgomery ahh, when you marinate the chicken it adds flavor and softens the meat, add a little corn starch and it makes if soft.  I tried blanching the meat and it does offer two good things.  It cleans off the marinate which can be messy when stir frying and it will make it hold longer in the fridge if you do not use it all right away.  Steaming the vegis just makes them soft, that’s American style and not really good. 

    3. well I agree to a point no need to boil brocolli to fullest but it needs to be blanched for a quick minute this will entensify the hue and kill any micro bacteria more so than just rinsing it plus just flashing in pan will not soften up everyone has opinion but facts on cooking are facts

    4. Kangol Kid here’s a fact. no restaurant’s rinses anything. they don’t boil it to kill germs. they don’t rinse meat. they don’t steam Vegis, none of this happens in the real world and I have worked in dozens of restaurants and yes I have worked in a Chinese restaurant and did prep cooking.

    5. Sorry we’ll have to agree to disagree I was a sous-chef for some time not in chinese resteraunt blanching is primarily to preserve vegtable process it again only a minute not cook also it is to be douse immediately in ice water this not cooking just prep and everything is subjectable that why cooking is consider creative artistic few

  3. Marinate the chicken to wash the marinate away in the hot water 2 minutes later? Sorry, I don’t get it.

    1. I asked the same thing but then I googled. It’s called ‘velveting’, a Chinese cooking technique that is used in restaurants. Google is your friend.

  4. I see so many people that are commenting to correct the recipe, but usually when people search up a video to a dish it’s because they don’t know how to make it? Honestly if you don’t like the way he makes it, make your own video, he enjoys the way his recipe tastes and takes the time out of his day to record and edit this video to help people, be appreciative instead of being so criticizing and rude.

  5. you boiled out all the flavor , no need to do that , stir frying thing stripes of chicken cooks fast , you’re technique is wrong. You’re steaming not hot stir frying, revise you’re cooking techniques.

  6. I think you were cooking Chinese food, Chinese never wash chicken breast in hot water as you did becomes flavorless and then you  cook them in oil and sauce you have create. most of the sauce ingredients should be added at last before turning off the stove 30-45 second, like whorstshire and honey which they do not use honey in stir fry. good American-Chinese recipe.

  7. is it just me but i saw a dog down there guess he liked the smell lol😆. otherwise very nice dish👍👍

  8. Dude. If you’re gonna use a wok, fucking use the wok lol why didnt you just use a regular pan instead then…. Makes no sense

  9. Thank You James!!! This video really helped.
    I made Chicken and broccoli for the first time tonight and followed this and I can’t believe how good it is. I’m still in the beginning of learning wok cooking and this gave me some confidence. A+ on your video presentation and recipe!

    1. Thanks for the very nice comment.
      Glad to know your learning how to use a wok!

  10. This video was like watching a make-up tutorial given by a blind person. I realize everyone’s style of cooking is different but all of this is just so strange. I’m glad that u like this recipe but I just don’t understand some of your “techniques” like putting cornstarch on the chicken then boiling it?? wth??

  11. what a nob cant even cook a couple of ingredients properly without getting it right pmsl

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