Weekly Vlog #4 My Tattoo’s, Ant Attacks, South African Recipes & New Job!

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26 thoughts on “Weekly Vlog #4 My Tattoo’s, Ant Attacks, South African Recipes & New Job!

  1. I LOVE your weekly vlogs Ellie! 💕 I’m the same as you as I say ‘so yeah’ a lot in my videos 🙈 that green eyeshadow looked amazing on you! I would love to do weekly vlogs on my channel ☀️xo

  2. Loved this vlog Ellie! Glad I’m not the only one getting frustrated with the views etc. xx p.s you are sooo beautiful! #girlcrush

    1. +Rosanna Pierce thanks Rosi! yeah I know right, really just needed to get it out! hahah, awww thanks gal, p.s’ you’re phenomenal! xx

  3. Ellie, instead of turning your phone off, you could just put it on do not disturb – the moon symbol which comes up when you swipe up on your phone, alongside the airplane mode, wifi, bluetooth symbols etc 🙂 xxx

    1. +Lily Lewington thanks Lily, I haven’t seen your comments for a while, I hope you’re okay 🙂 thanks for watching! xxx

  4. lovely weekly blog ellie, and well done on the job! don’t worry about the issue with views you’re amazing and your channel will continue to grow! love ya doll xx

    1. +BrownSugarBombshell thanks girlie!! I truly hope so, I feel like its kind of stuck at the moment, but fingers crossed! xxx

  5. Still loving your videos 🙂 & even though you didn’t upload your rant at least you managed to release it instead of keeping it bottled up! Keep smiling x

    1. +Fiona Dalton thanks so much Fiona, I’m really glad you enjoyed! definitely I love getting it off my chest to you guys xxx

  6. I totally get what you mean. Putting out content that honestly does not promote positivity something can be counterintuitive . People do go online to escape and you want to built and sustain that safe escape for viewers or readers . I love you tubers and content creators who support positivity 🙂

  7. So sorry to hear about your frustrations pertaining to your views but I love watching them and I am not a blogger/vlogger. I think they are quite interesting and love to see how flawless you look when applying your makeup. Hope everything gets better.  Have a great week ahead!!!

  8. Absolutely love this vlog ellie!!! Adoreeeeeeeeeeeee!! <3 you're freaking awesome and you're nails in this!! xx

    1. +TheTravelCrush wait what was your new job again?? While you were getting ready I didn’t really catch it- was it a housekeeper?? Bloody hell sounds like a very unique position!! xx

  9. Is there anyway I can send you a private message Ellie? I don’t want to be negative ( constructive criticism rather) in public. Xxx

  10. Regarding your views you haven’t been appearing in my feed!! I was thinking the other day what happened to that girl does she still make videos and had to go back and check! Now I have been catching up but maybe I’m not the only one? X

    1. Gaaaah really?? That is SO frustrating! I work so hard on my videos and for them to not appear in people’s subscriptions, 😫😫 thanks for remembering me though and checking back! Xxx

    2. +Ellie Dalton no problem and your videos are great it does show you work hard on them, keep going with it! Xxx

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