Vegan Ethiopian: A Review of Teff Love

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Teff Love: Adventures in Ethiopian Cooking was released in January 2015. Though I ordered mine in April, I quickly fell in love with the authentic Ethiopian flavors and relative ease of the recipes. I hope you enjoy this review of Teff Love. Let me know what you think in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Vegan Ethiopian: A Review of Teff Love

  1. Food looks fabulous ! We have two places that serve this type of food near me. I have at teff flour , need to make hat bread

    1. +LOVEVEGAN STYLE Thanks for commenting! The food was really wonderful 🙂

    1. +Lindsey Chapman If you are curious about Ethiopian food, you should check out Asmara in Portland 🙂 It’s where mine and Ben’s love affair with Ethiopian/Eritrean food started

  2. Great review!  This cookbook is one of my all-time favorites too.  I haven’t made the injera or crepes yet, but I’m going to try that next time.  (I have been using a local source for injera instead.)  That mac and cheese is the best!  It’s crazy good.

    1. +Cadry’s Kitchen Thank you, Cadry! <3 It's such a good book. If I knew of a place to get good local injera, I would probably do that half the time at least.

  3. Berbere is pronounced more like Bed-bed-ay. Role the r’s and pronounce that last e like ay.

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