Veg Fried Rice Recipe @ Guru’s Cooking

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Veg Fried Rice Recipe is an Indo Chinese recipe, that combines the flavours of beans and carrots stir fried along with spring onions and tossed with par boiled rice and sauces and spices, to offer you a recipe that you can enjoy with any side dish viz, veg manchurian or schezwan sauces @ Veg Fried Rice Recipe

34 thoughts on “Veg Fried Rice Recipe @ Guru’s Cooking

  1. It’s a good thing he had caption otherwise I’d be look I for that “vite pepper powder” 😨😨😨😮😮😮😦😦😧😧😧😪😪😓😓😂

  2. No msg for me it’s no good 👎 but I like to try your fried rice it looks yum but wo msg ☺️

    1. Sirisha Manoharan there are certain veggies you shouldn’t add, for eg. the green stalks of spring onions and also when you add the veggies don’t add salt early on it will make them leave their moisture, finally when you add the veggies don’t just wash & add them wash then pat them dry using a clean kitchen towel and always cook at high flame

  3. Hey Guru! tried your recipe on Sunday. It was amazing, easy to make n tasty 😋 thanks 👍

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