Tshaka Madesu/ Congolese Beans & Cassava Leaves Stew

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Tshaka Madesu is one of the most popular Congolese dish, there are so many ways of making this dish, allow me to show you my way 😊

The Congo Of My Youth:

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* 1 bag of Pondu
* 500g of Beans
*  4 medium size Spring Onions
* 1 Onion
* Maggie Cubes
* 2 Green belled peppers
* Fresh garlic
* Bay Leaves
* Palm Oil
* Ground Nutmeg
* All purpose seasoning
* Jumbo chicken stock

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Enjoy cooking 😊

30 thoughts on “Tshaka Madesu/ Congolese Beans & Cassava Leaves Stew

  1. thanks for helping single people like us in cooking. I cooked ngai ngai last time. thx again my dear

  2. ozolamba na ndenge nayo, sinon bakalingaka mafuta, na matungulu, osopi na mélange mais yo ozolamba comme si ozosala bouillon.. mais à la fin voyons.

  3. I swear, my sister, you kill me every time I watch all your videos😊😊😊😊😊. Thank you and God bless you each day💋

  4. the title is in lingala but you speak un english pfff!!! can u translate please i’m bad in english can u translate in french or lingala its Will b better

    1. Sarah Tshamala Thanks for your comment. I’m not doing YouTube videos fulltime. I have a fulltime job outside of YouTube and unfortunately I don’t have enough time to translate the videos in French or Lingala however I plan to do so in the future.

  5. 😘😘, tu es formidable. I almost believe that your were a South African married to a Congolese . Chance olobi Lingala. Courage. Tu vas bcq aidé les femmes anglophones de nos frères congolais. Tu es 😘.

  6. I only hate it once and I didn’t like it at all cuz I actually don’t like the mixture off Cassava leaves and Beens it looks very disgusting but test great though !

  7. Ezali bien kasi madesu eleki mingi pondu ezali muké, et puis madesu eséngéli emonana mibimba té, eséngéli ezala neti mwa kokufa.

  8. Is it okay to blend the garlic, onions, spring onions and bell pepper? Or it has to be chopped😊

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