Traditional South African Roostekoek – Best Barbecue Buns Recipe – Bread Rolls on the Barbecue!!!

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Roostekoek are the traditional barbecue buns served at South African barbecues, or braais. There is a trick to achieving light, well textured roostekoek, with a beautifully soft inside and slightly crispy outside.
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12 thoughts on “Traditional South African Roostekoek – Best Barbecue Buns Recipe – Bread Rolls on the Barbecue!!!

  1. This is the best bun I’ve ever seen…….
    Thx for sharing bro….
    I’ll be waiting for your new video…..

    1. +Kobir Abedin Hi Kobir — thanks for the wonderful feedback, and thanks for watching!!!

  2. Those look great! I never would have thought to grill bread. Must try!

  3. this is a very unique and enticing bread recipe. the aroma of bread that is baking,must full your home with with deliciousness. thank you so much for sharing this video recipe with us today. AWESOME JOB.

  4. Hi just found your site and it looks great. so here is roostekoek. have you ever tried to adapt this recipe to make the “roasties” that we used to buy in pick n pay? I live in Thailand now and it would be great if you guys could come up with a “roasties” recipe!

    1. +99Jaapie Hi — I am not familiar with PnP’s roasties — I will look into it and get back to you. Thanks for watching!!!

    2. +Whats4Chow Thanks for the reply, basically they look exactly like the roostekoek, except you used to buy them in a pack of 6, put them on the braai and cook until the outside was crisp. The thing is they had filling in the middle like garlic/butter, chilly garlic etc and they were cooked with this stuff already inside. I just think that if I tried it with the “raw” dough, the filling may cause problems……great site by the way, loads of lekker recipes here I’ll be watching! Sorry abut the multiple posts, I was using my tablet and it kept saying that the post had failed !

    3. +99Jaapie Hi — ok, I think I know what you’re talking about…. I will give it a try this weekend!!!

    4. Excellent I will look forward to your response…I am just abut to psice and marinade some meat for biltong now that it looks as if the rain has finished here.

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