Toasti Mayai – Kenyan French Toast – Jikoni Magic

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Toasti mayai is loved by Kenyans especially during breakfast. Literal translation of toasti mayai is "bread eggs". For the complete recipe and ingredients go to

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18 thoughts on “Toasti Mayai – Kenyan French Toast – Jikoni Magic

    1. Exactly.I thought the same.Maybe I would add some mozzarella cheese to the egg mix or sprinkle with the mozzarella,immediately after the bread is turned over while in the pan.Are I could add mozzarella cheese and place in oven to melt.

  1. I made this today for my mum. She is not easily impressed but she loved it. And I loved it too. Your recipes are point by point. I am learning a lot and one doesn’t get confused. Thankyou jikoni magic.

    1. +Annie Ndung’u Awesome stuff, feedback like this is what motivates me to keep going. Thank you and you are welcome!

  2. I tried this in the morning and my hubby keeps calling me when at work saying he wants the same tomorrow lol. Thanks hun for sharing am in love with your recipes

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