The original street food from South Africa – Durban Bunny Chow Recipe

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Street food, street food. This is probably the original! Created in Durban, South Africa, Bunny Chow is a curry that's served in a bread bowl. This of course makes it very convenient for people on the move.

Our recipe proved so popular that when we unleashed it at the Africa Oye festival last year with our catering company it sold out in 25 minutes!

Keep an eye out for the real ending to this video; Bunny Chow Addendum. Handy tips for keeping your food hot when your out and about mixed with a hint of Safari fun ™.

37 thoughts on “The original street food from South Africa – Durban Bunny Chow Recipe

  1. Good show, I’ve come back a few times just to see whats new. Looks great!  I need breakfast ….

    1. Thanks for that man. Always appreciated! I feel some reciprocation coming on…ps Safari breakfast vid coming soon (if we can get an ostrich egg).

    1. Thanks for the message!! James grew up in SA and has many happy food memories….. hence Safari!! You got a channel? 😊

    2. Thanks!! We have not put that many vids out recently as we have been very busy but we will be more up shortly!! Have a great weekend 😃

  2. Wow! Looks like our first video that’s going to break 1000 views! Thanks for watching guys! If you like a bit of ramshackle elegance check out our other vids at Safari TV!

  3. Nice video. Do you also put the curry in naan roti or chapati that is how we eat it in Suriname and Amsterdam . . .

    1. +decunamus2 Chapatis rule!!! Tonight we’re trying Quinoa for the first time. sorry about the late reply. just got back from festival land.

  4. Look this is not a traditional bunny chow, without atchaar, chakalaka. then you are just making a sandwich
    Maybe I’ll one day teach you some real South African cuisine.

    1. +Siyabonga Shabalala Don’t worry, our full chakalaka video will be up in the next few weeks. Then you can serve it how you want. Even with chips 😉

  5. The “Bunny Chow” is without chips, wow
    I wish to dine with this guy, in the streets of SOWETO and MAMELODI

    1. +kellieanne font Hey thanks. Just subbed you. No videos yet? PS He’s from Scotland but grew up in South Africa, nothing is simple at Safari 😉

    2. Oh lol i should have known that I’m Irish he sounds so Irish that’s mad , I don’t make videos just love watching them, my brother in law is South African

    1. +Msindos KayONE Thanks a lot. If you’ve got anything else you’re looking for let us know in the comments.

    1. +May cookies Glad we could help and thanks for the share!!! If you like chicken our Ilanga chicken recipe is super scrumptious too!

    1. +Subrata Ray Chaudhury Yes! Yes I am coz I am the man. All the best cooks will toast but never will roast. Notice no flame. Gentle heat is the game. And as too my mind? Well….;)

    1. Our mic is not attached so if I turn away it does go a bit quiet. For hour of fun though….open up the closed captions and see what YouTube thinks I’m saying 😉 PS If you liked that then try our Chicken Ilanga recipe. It’s truly wonderful!!!!!

  6. Best method I’ve seen for this dish. Good video, no waffle, light hearted and easy to follow. Nice one. Many thanks.

    1. Hey, you can chuck anything in! I left the garlic out of this one to
      retain the sharpness from the tomatoes (and everything else we eat has
      loads of garlic in it so it makes a nice change). Caramelizing the
      onions is great too but again we do that a lot so this was for more of a
      boiled onion effect. You seen our monkey gland video yet?

    1. Crazy Fun Hey crazy. Thanks. All our recipes are just a little bit different and super dooper nice. video respond if you give it a go. Would be nice to see some results!!!

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