Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich Recipe 照り焼きチキンサンド 作り方 レシピ

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How to Make Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich 照り焼きチキンサンドの作り方 字幕表示可 材料(日本語)↓ (serves 1)
120g Chicken Thigh
Vegetable Oil

– Teriyaki Sauce –
½ tbsp Soy Sauce
½ tbsp Sake
½ tbsp Mirin
A pinch of Sugar
¼ tsp Grated Garlic or ½ tsp Ginger Juice

Pain De Campagne or any type of bread

New Onion
Shichimi – seven flavor chili powder, optional

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41 thoughts on “Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich Recipe 照り焼きチキンサンド 作り方 レシピ

  1. This looks great! I’ve always been curious as to what name or type of those white knives she’s using.

    1. They’re ceramic knives, incredibly sharp and sturdy. Probably the best kind of knife you can get. 🙂 Can be very expensive, though.

    2. Kyocera are the most popular ceramic knife brand. They’re very sharp but brittle – no good for hard items like bones. Good for veggies.

      They’re not incredibly expensive now.

    1. +John Vu Exactly. Which is why I recommend going to HelenRecipes’ channel.

    2. ive been coming to this channel for years and I know they do japanized versions of foods from elsewhere. Also, a lot of asians eat foods from other asian countries so its not weird to request a banh mi recipe, especially from such a versatile cook.

    3. +PlatypusGuitar ‘Asian Food’ is illusion. you know? the distance between London and Jerusalem is 3300 km. between Hanoi and Tokyo? 3600 km. I can say that Vietnam shares their culture with both northeast and southeast asien, thanks to confucianism. But it doesent mean, that average japanese eat same food as average vietnamese, also in opposition way. would you ask some vietnamese food channel to cook udon?

  2. i tried many recipes you shared. They are so good! I’ll try this one later! =)

    1. +Rein Hart Yes! The next recipe is Japanese-inspired Carbonara 🙂

    1. He sounds like one of those North Korean English-language voice over narrators…

  3. you know why i love youtube ?
    when i can listen to a japanese man speaking french with an english/japanese accent
    that “pain de campagne” was wonderful in many ways XD

  4. This is great, I’m surprised the sauce was not used as a marinade, instead cooking the chicken first. Looks tasty 🐮

  5. is it ok to not use vegetable oil? because we don’t have vegetable oil here in Indonesia,

  6. So that’s the inspiration for Steven Universe short, “Cooking with Lion”.

  7. When the traditional Japanese music starts playing, you know it’s about to get real!

  8. I love teriyaki chicken than fried chicken because of the juicy and smoothness of the meat.

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