Sweet fritter recipe (Cameroonian croquettes)

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Cameroonian famous fritters. Quick and easy to make.

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9 thoughts on “Sweet fritter recipe (Cameroonian croquettes)

  1. Hello, this very helpful. Please  is the flour pastry (soft) or cake flour? I have been using All purpose flour and my batter seems thicker than yous. Please let me know! Love the taste though!

    1. Hi +Naana Hayford we also used all purpose flour(Canada i guest it is the same as in the US) for these recipe. Know i’m trying to understand why your batter was thicker: which measure of flour did you used? 500 gr or 1,1 lb? 

    2. +ToiMoi&Cuisine Thank you so much for responding. I What is your email please?   Im not sure..Id like to send you pictures. When thet cooled down they were dried out..I used evaporated milk….perhaps thats why the batter was thicker than yours…

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