Sudanese Food-Sudanese Baked Potatoes recipe -صينية بطاطس سودانيه

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Sudanese Food-Sudanese Baked Potatoes recipe -صينية بطاطس سودانيه
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9 thoughts on “Sudanese Food-Sudanese Baked Potatoes recipe -صينية بطاطس سودانيه

  1. ممتاز جدا
    الكويس انك بتدي وصفات فيها حاجات جديدة دائماً مثلا (ورق الغار و الدجاج) مثلا ماجربتهم مع صينية البطاطس
    حمستني اجرب الوصفة
    شكرًا على المجهود و واصل

    1. +Abubakr Dirdiri Thanks to your feedback I made sure to upload this video, it actually took me 4-5 hours to finish editing alone( I am still learning the editing software). I think the cool thing about recipes is that you can create your own dish however you like.Recipes are just a guide, I’ve actually made an Indian style Fool with Indian spices.The tricky part for me is to keep it as authentic as possible while adding your own “experience” or touch. This recipe is very simple and easy . One thing I would caution of is to not over do it with cinnamon . Making the sauce separately provide flexibility on what you want it to be without jeopardizing the whole dish. I really appreciate the feedback, Shokran! ma 3endey keyboard 3arabey insha allah ma takon fee moshkela bakteb be el englezy ….Google translate ma koes ma3a el jomal el kabera fa ma bagdar astakhdamo ela le 7ajat baseeta zee el recipes .

    2. +7oota2007
      i like the idea of making Fool with Indian spices while still making keeping it authentic, actually i think our traditional cuisine needs to be “revolutionized “ away or another in order to present it internationally like Ethiopian cuisine for example. I noticed your touches when you wrapped AlGorrasa with some Parsley on top of it and served it with a fork, which I think the most convenient way to eat it in 2015 J or even to present it to a non-Sudanese guy who want’s to try our dishes.For me i just discovered my passion for food (which is very
      late 😀 ) and i couldn’t find a good Youtube Sudanese recipes Channel except yours, so i started cooking international recipes, You can follow me on instagram @adirdiri to see my recent artwork Lool. But I will start trying your recipes for sure.For the video editing I think you are doing great specially the first 3 videos (as they don’t have Treasure Island’s intro lool), but with practice it will be quick and easy.Wish you all the best basha and keep the good work and
      spread the love for food.Cheers

    3. +Abubakr Dirdiri It’s never too late and I will definitely check your recipes. I’ve always had love for cooking since I was about 6 years old, however, i didnt really get to it until later. I, like yourself didn’t find a good Sudanese food Youtube channel so I decided to create my own. The treasure island intro isnt the best lol , it was a spontaneous decision to insure ingredients are easily read. I love the constructive criticism and feedback , actually few people pointed that out as well i’m thinking about re-editing .

  2. Thank you for the English subtitles for those who doesn’t know how to read and/or write Arabic….

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