South African Hot Piri Piri Wings

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AfrofoodTv Piri Piri Wings Yeti makes AfrofoodTv Piri Piri Wings
In this clip I will show you how to make AfrofoodTv Piri Piri Wings. If you have never had African food, here is a simple introduction into the world of African food. Enjoy.
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10 thoughts on “South African Hot Piri Piri Wings

  1. piri piri chicken is first of all not even South African but Mozambican + this is not how its done. This is European/American way of making chicken, my sister pls dont promote recipes without any knowledge of African food.

  2. That’s chicken bonchon of some sort, absolutely not American. I’m South African and those seem yummy!

  3. she explained in her previous video that it was football season, the idea was to cook american style dishes with a kick of African flavors, so yes the food is technically American, but the spices are not!

  4. Ah, ppl can be so rude! This is basically like making buffalo wings, but peri – peri flavored instead! I like this.

  5. Are you married to a white man? I am so surprised that you did not make the sauce on the video. That look you have is un-authentic, and it makes the video seem very un-authentic. The music does not help. It all looks so FAKE. Sorry. Thumbs down.

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