South African Flag Salad(13.08.2012)

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South African Salad Flag

Sliced biltong
Pineapple – cut into 1cm cubes
Broccoli – lightly steamed and separated into florets
Baby tomatoes – halved
Edible blue flowers (cornflowers, pansies, violets)
Feta cheese

1. Cover the chopping board with tinfoil.
2. Using a skewer or the back of a fork, lightly press onto the foil to create the outlines of the SA flag.
3. Use the different colours of the food to cover over the foil and create a SA flag.
* Black – biltong
* Yellow – pineapple
* Green – broccoli
* Red – baby tomatoes
* Blue – flowers
* White — feta
4. Serve with dressing on the side

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