SHOCKING: What You Find In Nigeria’s Bush Meat Market

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On BattaBox you have seen Odunayo eaten Dog meat, grass cutter meat, and also visited a fish market in Lagos. But what other animals do people eat? You are about to see the weirdest animals people eat and find to be delicious…

"Antelope is the best meat i've ever chewed," says one customer

BattaBox presenter Odunayo and kayode travel to Epe, a district on the outskirts of Lagos to find the famous 'Oluwo Meat Market' where one can find different kinds of animals both dead or alive which people buy to eat.

In this market, you'll find animals like Antelopes, Bush dogs, Bush cats, deers etc for sale. People come from far and near to buy this meats and some of them even testified it is delicious.

"We sell all sorts of animals," says one of the sellers

Since Epe is still a developing town, there are lots of hunters who go into the forest to hunt and they find different weird animals which people are not afraid to eat.

"We buy them from the hunters in the forest," says one woman who sells deer meat

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33 thoughts on “SHOCKING: What You Find In Nigeria’s Bush Meat Market

    1. +Ryuk godofdeath wow. you are impressed with this? i am not. it is the one you are speaking to who has been sent as His representative. we who know Him call to wisdom in those who seek Him.

    2. me too,i cant beleive we start eating antelope,what the hell?for me its seafood chicken beef and pork

    3. deer and antelope are better for you than pork. pork is poison and near canabalism to humans.

  1. No wonder why dangerous diseases coming from Africa because there is not hygienic supervision at all .

    1. Very filthy people indeed, at one time they had human excrement flowing freely on some walkway inside a food market in Enugu. Nigeria sucks ,yikes.

    2. Let me know where you come from, so I can find out how to properly answer you right on your pig’s tail and your cochroach’s thin feet

  2. like the saying goes someone junk is another person treasure. Someone pet is another person dinner. Cultures differences make the world a beautiful place, cause we learn from others

  3. this Market is full of Ebola anthrax AIDS every infection in the world.. if you’re really hate somebody and you want to get rid of them invite them to this Market.

    1. miz 기 나 what hell is mtcheew? i dont speek zamboro language. I don’t speak third world country language

    2. DENNIS THA MENACE some infections are not even discovered have realised how big their heads are

  4. well , its an education for me, good to know this such of market is actually exist.

    1. +Koala Gaming Indonesia thanks for watching. We like to show the unfiltered version of Nigeria, no forming. Hope you’re a subscriber o!

  5. Why not just have farms that raise the antelope since thats what people most want. You could make a lot of money on one antelope farm I think.

  6. Why is this shocking?? Smdh People eat meat all around the world. I use to think goat was weird as well as oxtail but I will be the first in line to eat some now. Lol The animal she called bush dog isn’t a domesticated dog that lives in your home. I know it’s a fact some asians eat domesticated dogs but is it their fault the Euros decided to domesticate dogs while others continue to eat them.

    Just because you don’t eat a particular meat doesn’t mean its wrong. It just means you aren’t familiar with it.

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