Salad Recipe – How to Make Cabbage Coleslaw

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Watch how to make a tart, tangy coleslaw with shredded cabbage and an irresistible, lip-smacking, vinegar-based dressing. There's no mayo in here, so it's tart and tangy instead of creamy. Give it some time in the fridge; it just keeps getting better as the flavors mingle. Pair it up with classic picnic foods.

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28 thoughts on “Salad Recipe – How to Make Cabbage Coleslaw

  1. So many sugar whineys, people if you dont like sugar then dont put sugar, make it into your own style whats the big deal.

    1. Plus, cole slaw is a side dish… this recipe could well serve about 12-16 people, so it’s not THAT much sugar per person…

  2. Guess what, Matthias Apostolidis? You can convert any Allrecipes recipe to metric measurements following these four simple steps. 
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  3. One cup of sugar, almost a cup of oil… yeah, I’ll use mayo. Doesn’t make a difference :-DDDDD

  4. Ppl complain about a recipe being unhealthy for using too much sugar but it’s for a large batch is salad. Also why is it that nowadays ppl start inhaling Japanese food when most of the food key ingredient is sugar n sodium. It’s mirin, soy sauce n sugar. Ppl like to follow others. Make sound judgment base on smart research .

  5. see to fantastic I used to make it but defferen way ,,,,,,
    I like all the vegetables because I am a vegetarian, ,,,

  6. Peanuts would be good on this along with more dressing and bits of raw ginger.A dash or two of soy sauce would also be great along with sesame oil.

    1. Bea Tris No 🙂 the thinly sliced cabbage in a slaw is only marinated in the dressing. kind of like a salad.

    1. How about jicama or fennel, Hong Jisoo? A veggie to keep the salad crunch and add a little flavor to the cabbage mixture.

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