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I'm Angela! I'm married to my high school sweetheart, and we have 5 beautiful children 🙂 Two grew in my tummy, and three grew in our hearts. We are busy, loud, crazy homeschoolers and just strive to make the most of everyday. I'm a follower of Jesus, photographer and beauty product junkie. Of course we can add coffee addict, vulnerable child advocate, sometimes fitness bunny, most of the time food lover, and a wandering soul.
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53 thoughts on “ROSIE’S NEW BFF IS HOME!!!!

  1. This brought me so much happiness! Best way to start my Friday 🙌🏼 Thank you for sharing 😌

  2. in germany i have never seen this kind of “swim lessons”. I understand, that it may help them if they fall into the water, but i don´t quite understand why they not simply learn to swim. This would also give them the confidence to know how to hold their head over water and swim to the pool edge. I think we start at the age of 4 with swim lessons here

    1. I am from Germany too, I think it is better to teach them how to swim than to teach them how so save themselves :)Es gibt den Eltern bestimmt ein Gefühl von Sicherheit, wenn sie wissen, dass ihr Kind weiß wie es ohne zu schwimmen an den Beckenrand kommt. Aber ich weiß nicht ob die Kinder das auch im Ernstfall schaffen, wenn sie dann noch panisch werden und im Schwimmbecken auch noch andere Leute sind

    2. ich hatte schon mit ein paar Monaten angefangen zu schwimmen, aber ich hab das selbe gedacht wie du als ich den Unterricht gesehen hab.

    3. I’m from Germany too and I work at a private swimming school. Most of the kids who want to learn how to swim are 4 years old, but some of them are 7 already or just turned 3. They learn how to swim and it usually takes less than two months. We have groups of not more than 15 kids and all of them learn to swim perfectly

    4. When he was crying out right before she flipped him in I was horrified! Children need to trust us completely, it would have taken the instructor two seconds to reassure him, she seemed very cold. Water and swimming safety is extremely important and I grew up swimming like a fish and NO ONE ever forced me into a pool like that. Just saying……

    5. melissa calcutti, i’m sure if you ever had a child and they drowned you’d wish you had given them lessons on how to safely float when they are in deep water. children cry all the time, sometimes for no reason at all, it’s okay for children to cry, it doesn’t mean something is happening that shouldn’t be. these floating lessons save lives.

  3. Although the swimming lessons are for their own good I totally understand, it’s so uncomfortable to watch, especially when Jonah was crying😭

    1. Unfortunately there are no studies that can prove the effectiveness of ISR. (German) critics say that not only could the kids get traumatized but also there is the risk that they could breathe in water and dry drown later. I’m thinking of this very suspiciously, seeing your baby cry and getting pulled into the water backwards is very uncomfortable to watch…

  4. i’m pretty sure the little boy really took in a lot of water through his nose. 🙁 i took up swimming lessons as a kid, but i agree.. why make it a thing that they will hate? i understand that the kids are very individualistic and get their needs done through homeschool.. but in these type of situations, why not just send them to a regular class with other children? not only will they enjoy it, but they will learn from it and make some friends. i get how it’s a wonderful thing getting to be a full on mom, but there are some things that you just have to.. let go and not plan so much. 🙂 just a suggestion.

    1. +Casie Silverman all the kids love swim. No one is traumatized or hates the water. We chose the lesson and structure that is best for our family… Schedules etc. We believe in ISR and have no regrets choosing it. It has nothing to do with being homeschooled, none of the kids who take before/after us are homeschooled. It’s about water safety. Our kids almost never cry during lessons anymore, but like I’ve already explained in another comment, JJ was struggling with keeping his float fully clothed. Which is exactly the point, he corrected and compensated for the weight difference. Not something you learn in traditional swim lessons. Keeping our kids safe around water of any kind, not just swimming for fun, is our first priority.
      Every family must choose what is best for them.

    2. Okay, i completely respect that. thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂 it’s lovely what you’re doing by the way.

    3. They need to learn in case they ever fall in water, however dry drowning is a thing, I’m worried about that. If they get water in their lungs they can die in their sleep

    4. Casie Silverman I wish I took it when I was younger . Till this day I can’t freaking swim , they won’t always hate it just bc they took lessons ? In the long run they’ll be glad they did , and the other kids are home schooled bc hats what they want . They have association with kids and I’m sure when they get a little bit in that age in elementary they will start going to school . Hopefully they do it right to where they will be in their right grade , but anyways. That’s just what they wanted .

  5. Shelby was looking like a Bohemian Goddess!

    “Stop being a Turkey”

    “Mom over there doing her photography thing”

    The boys…what can I say ❤️❤️❤️

    Love this family!!

  6. My eyes are all watery. This video fulfilled my heart in such a weird way. I can’t wait to be just a bit older and have my life together to be able and adopt.

  7. “Noah’s over there pretending to be a dinosaur., – CR I’m pretty sure I just died 😂😂😂😂

  8. I just think it’s so beautiful how the kids were SO welcoming. Not many things make me tear up but this sure did 😭

    1. Different scenarios for if they fall into the pool they can try to learn to float and survive while in regular clothes.

  9. I remember doing swim lessons when I was younger. I hated them but I love swimming. Although I despised them they made me a strong swimmer. You’re a great mom, lucky kids you have!

  10. I had swimming lessons and learnt to swim when I was little but at no point was I flung backwards into the water while crying…

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