Remaking the Best Food From Movies and TV

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What dish do you think he should cook up next? Still kinda curious about that milksteak…

71 thoughts on “Remaking the Best Food From Movies and TV

  1. I wish Buzzfeed would stop stealing content from creators without even linking to their channel in the description. Binging with Babish is one of the only original creative shows on Youtube and it deserves recognition WITH credit and without others stealing an entire monetized video from it.

    1. @Carol Rao After the fact, it was not originally posted until people started commenting and complaining.

    2. Quit complaining, you babies. Seriously, he could have just not done it if that’s how he felt. This literally an ad for his show on their channel.

    3. Savanah Maestas I see ur point but I just searched Binging with Babish and subscribed to him that way

    1. Anon anon I mean a decade seems long enough to remember your child hood or teenage hood

  2. This guy clearly has passion, and that’s wonderful! Feast of Fiction is always going to be my number one on this concept, as it is far from a new idea. But it will still be something worth seeing and subscribing for just because of the different takes on both sides. Maybe they will end up collabing?

    1. If anyone is interested in seeing food made from Cooking Mama recipes, GameTim is also a good watch 😀

    2. Sir Cheesecake the difference is that Babish really cooks the food. Feast of Fiction is a great channel but they don’t really put as much effort into their food

    3. Stirfri It really depends on the product they’re taking on with FOF, but I can agree that he does more actual cooking. His is more realistic, while their cooking is more cartoonish seemingly​, too. I can’t complain with either as I’m enjoying both. The more the merrier 😊 We get to love both.

    1. Even though Anime had a ton of interesting foods in there. Most of it just comes from japan/Japan’s culture. For Ex. The sandwiches, noodles, soup and you know the rest.
      Edit: Which would just make a regular Japanese cooking video.
      Hope u all understand.
      Unless his point was the make the most dishes from every show
      Then ignore this.

  3. Theres one food item that has been kept secret for over 40 years. Can u make it please. Its the krabby patty.

  4. 1:00 black woman thoughts ” I don’t give a damn about the ingredients I came to eat” lol

    1. Fake Account bro chill thats not what I’m saying he said “black women thoughts” not “that black women” sooo

    2. Lovely.Things. I’m black and there only jokes to make ppl laugh…not to be taken seriously….although there are some idiots who are racist I am not one of those ppl…so Everyone learn to laugh again and remember you were once a kid too…btw I’m grown lol but I haven’t forgot to live a little 🤔

  5. does anyone realize that gluten free products benefit the body in NO WAY unless you’re allergic to gluten?

    1. Samuelo Flores Some autoimmune diseases can be worse and more symptomatic when gluten is eaten. Eating gluten-free helps reduce inflammation in the body. I am not allergic to gluten but with my autoimmune disease eating gluten is the kiss of death.

  6. If they make krabby patties and it doesn’t seem to taste like crabs, our life has been a lie.
    But wait, if they are krab meat then isn’t Mr.Krab serving his family to fishes…HOLYSH*T.

  7. *My Requests:*
    *-Spongebob Squarepants:* Krabby Patty
    *-Kung Fu Panda:* Dumplings and The Noodle Soup
    *-Adventure Time:* Tree Trunks’ Apple Pie
    *-Princess And The Frog:* The Gumbo and The Beignets

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