Quinoa Recipe… Inspired By Nigerian Jollof Rice

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Quinoa recipe inspired by Nigerian cuisine 🙂

Quinoa is high in protein, gluten & wheat free. high in fibre and a good alternative for rice once in a while.

This was my second time cooking with Quinoa. Again, I used a trusted Nigerian recipe – Jollof Rice and obviously replaced the Rice with Quinoa 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Quinoa Recipe… Inspired By Nigerian Jollof Rice

  1. Great this is the kind of thing I am looking for flavoursome african food! Thank for sharing.

  2. Great recipe. I eat a lot of quinoa, it’s so good!
    I have a couple of quinoa recipes on my blog too, do stop by to take a look 🙂
    vegannigerian.blogspot. com

  3. Hi, I found found your blog online, and love it. Could you pretty please, vlog a vid on Cauliflower fried rice & jollof. I’d love you forever. 😀

  4. I was just thinking about making something like this that is healthier than rice. I want to try grilled cauliflower like how the chicken is grilled. It looks delicious I will make this tonight!

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