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Pulled coronation chicken makes the most versatile lunch. It's the perfect filling for baguettes, sandwiches and jacket potatoes so you can make plenty for the week. This recipe will also help you practice your knife skills and poaching tekkers.

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61 thoughts on “Pulled Chicken Sandwich Recipe | Now Cook It

  1. I’m a vegetarian but I’ve been watching 30 mins worth of Sorted Food videos and just drooling over all the meat and chicken. You guys are gonna convert me.

    1. hahaha me too! but there’s fake chicken as well so we don’t need to eat the animals 🙂 i always watch the non-veggie recipes so i can convert them into veggie ones

    2. Same! I’m thinking about making this though, but instead of chicken I’ll use pulled jackfruit.

    1. +ken zhu its an actual study you know XD people don’t just go round eating soap XD but that is the apparent taste of it to some people you can smell things to get a similar taste i guess haha look it up XD but i would find it amusing if i saw people just eating soap and corriander to compare. hahaa

    1. Actually Greek Yogurt has considerably less lactose than milk or other yogurts. Some people who are intolerant are able to tolerate small amounts of it, give it a try if you haven’t.

    2. Generally people who are lactose intolerant can eat yogurt because of the active cultures, I’m lactose intolerant and I can. Are you unable to?

    3. I can’t have any dairy 🙁 I worded this question wrong perhaps…I am alergic to milk (meaning the proteins in milk, not lactose per say).

    4. I mean, why coulnd’t u use soy yoghurt? It might taste a little different, but if u like it theres no reason why it couldn’t replace normal yoghurt in pretty much every recipe.

  2. So you have to poach chicken if you’re pulling it? I’ve always just used my crockpot, at least for barbecue pulled chicken, I guess I’ve been doing it wrong.

    1. No. I always use my crockpot/slow cooker when making pulled chicken, pulled pork, etc. at home. It’s much easier and at least seems to me almost foolproof, compared to poaching where you can easily overcook or make the chicken tough. If you have a crockpot/slow cooker & time that’s the better method for tenderness & flavor.

      I think these guys were just trying to show a different way for people that don’t own a slow cooker to also make pulled chicken.

    2. Well, with cooking, there’s no real wrong way to do things,
      Whatever works for you. This is the faster way of making pulled chicken, but whatever works.

    3. I think this is mainly targeted at people just starting to cook – and they usually don’t own a slow cooker. ^_^ Hence the poaching (a pot/saucepan, almost anyone has). ^_^
      I’ll try this sometime – the chutney-joghurt-sauce looks delicious!

    4. A crockpot is basically poaching it too. you’re cooking it in a liquid at a steady temperature and it doesn’t boil

    1. Honestly? he cut the chicken before it rested. he lost so much juice, and the big part of pulled anything is how juicy it is.

    1. Helen Short Oh I had nothing to do with it, haha! But I agree, it is a beginners video so maybe they could’ve mentioned. Although most people know to wash their hands after handling raw meat, I think. Either way, have a great day! 🙂

    1. Suga infires me Army really are everywhere. I wasn’t expecting to find one here… But then again I’m here, so I shouldn’t be surprised xD

  3. Unfortunately because of the UK lettuce shortage I’ll just have to replace the lettuce with chips.. shame

    1. There’s a bbc3 show called “revolting” that highlights corruption in a humourous way and in one episode it started with two very similar acting guys with a cooking show saying something along the lines of it being easy to become a cooking show host when you went to uni with the producers. It just felt very on the nose.

  4. I’ve been watching Sorted for years and years. This is one of the first recipes I’ve actually tried making. IT WAS SO DELICIOUS. Pretty easy too. I made three breasts thinking my boyfriend would eat more, but wow, that shredded chicken really goes far. We have enough for 6 or 7 sandwiches with only 3 breasts. The curry powder is a really nice touch as well. Love it guys!

    1. So glad you made the jump and gave it a go! You’re right… a very affordable recipe because a little bit of meat goes a long way once stripped up.

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