PACU a species of the Piranha

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Bought this fish off a supermarket in Singapore, and was told it is a Piranha. However a check via the Internet reveals that it is actually a Pacu.

Pacu, is common name for several species of omnivorous South American freshwater fish that are related to the piranha (don't know why they said its from Indonesia). Full details about this fish can be found here:

The Pacu was prepared, cleaned, & steamed with sour plum, & some sliced red chili. Noted during the gutting of this fish was copious amounts of Fish Oil (fats – Omega 3 fatty acids). Generally good for health – but damn.. it made for some bad dinner side dish. It smells too fishy even with all that garnishing.

But I believe if you ever caught one in the wild & you needed sustenance, this fish will provide plenty energy. But don't bank on having a great meal; it's fishy, oily, & has many tiny bones in its meat. Those teeth reminds me of "The Mask".

– C J Goh / Video Impetus (Singapore)
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27 thoughts on “PACU a species of the Piranha

    1. Yes, this fish needs big teeth to crush fruits or seeds that fall into the water they live in.  This is the relative of the Piranha, but eats only fruits & seeds.

  1. pacu and piranhas are salmonids,related to salmons, and they are fat fish. salmons are best smoked.or salted over night and then cooked in foil with butter and vegetables,. but they taste like fat fish  🙂

    1. Thanks for your input, Thor Kipperberg.  Yes it did tasted fatty and probably has got lots of fish oil which is good, but rather nasty smelling.

    2. Pacu and piranha are not “salmonidae” u dumb !! They are not related to salmon at all!! They have their own family “characidae” from order “characiformes” .
      Salmon are “salmonidae” from order “salmoniformes”.

    3. ah,. I was meaning to write serrasalminae,wich means serrated salmon, they are salmonlike, and they are charachins,wich all tetras belong to, they are toothed carps,they are similar to salmons because of the physical features ie; adipose fin, slender body, fine scales and presence of teeth, and maybe somwhere down the line shared a common ancestor.But no they are not closely related. But somehow looks simmilar by traits,.theyr meat are also simmilar to a salmon, fatty.

  2. Pacus teeth are for nuts and hard shells not flesh ..pacus probably taste better too

  3. I was always told that you could not eat the pacu because of all the fine bones in the fish.

    1. +Lucien Alacard its much work to remove them while eating. It’s not true, people are just to lazy to do it.

  4. I learned something new in here.. you can use fork to remove the silk.

    1. +Ana Alviana Bukan bawal lah, ini beda banget. Giginya aja beda. Mana ada bawal bentuknya begini.

  5. This has got to be the most disgusting cleaning and preparation of a fish I’ve ever seen. Yuk!

  6. yapacağın işi sikeyim o nasıl bi balık temizlemedir amk beceriksizi rezil ettin hayvanı

  7. what bothers me is that you used a fork to descale a fish, and you had a freakin knife all along wtf lady

    1. I could clean a house faster than she cleans a fish. Seriously, this fish takes about 2-3 minutes (tops) to fillet. Ugh.

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