Nigerian Pancake

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Nigerian Pancake recipe
Ingredients for Nigerian Pancake
125 gr Plain Flour
– 2 raw Eggs
– 200ml whole milk OR 120ml evaporated milk OR 3tablesponful powdered milk
– 100ml Water (more or less)
– 2 tablespoonful Butter/margarine (melted) or vegetable oil
– 4 tablespoonful Sugar(more or less)
– Chilli pepper or Scotch bonnet(atarodo) (to taste)
– 1 tablespoonful Onions (minced)(to taste)
– 1/4 teaspoon Salt
– A pinch of Nutmeg(optional)
– 1 tablespoonful vegetable oil (for greasing the pan)

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  1. Wow, this look yummy. I am going to make this for my children..thank you. I am a new subbie and love watching cooking videos. Yours is the best!!

  2. This looks absolutely delicious, but is this dish in relation to crepes?

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