Nigerian Fried rice: How to cook Nigerian Fried Rice

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***Apologies for the shaky bits in the video***

Tesco Long Grain Rice
Frozen Mixed Vegetables
Bell Peppers
Sunflower Oil
Curry Powder
Maggi cubes

28 thoughts on “Nigerian Fried rice: How to cook Nigerian Fried Rice

    1. +Sath Sah anything worth doing, is worth doing well lol. Anyway, check other videos and I hope you find a shorter prep time.

  1. How is some one that can’t cook going to understand that,  but good music anyhow!!!!!!!!

  2. Don’t find anything wrong with her presentation…. Understandable to anyone who watches carefully

  3. How come you dd not give us the ingredients….we need to know the names of the ingredients you used

  4. Hi. What seasonings are u using? I would like to prepare a meal for my friend. Will u talk me thru one of ur tutorials, please… Thanks in advance

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