Nepali Cuisine | Nepal | Cultural Flavors | EP 09

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Cultural Flavors is a cooking tour that takes you around the world one dish at a time. Each episode of this 13 part series provides viewers with a snapshot of life around the dinner table of a different country. In every episode, the unique characteristics of local cuisine are shown, and afterwards each recipe is recreated step-by-step. Highlighted are the spices, vegetables, meats and seafood at the core of each country's culinary culture.

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9 thoughts on “Nepali Cuisine | Nepal | Cultural Flavors | EP 09

  1. I have never seen anyone adding Jimbu (wild herbs ) to their curry . It’s actually used in black lentil soup.

  2. Thanks for the video. I strongly disagree with some contents in the video. still, I love the guy.

  3. That brother is so cute…he seems so excited explaning abt Nepal..that is not called as Momo Kukhura(chicken),its Kukhura ko momo where kukhura is chicken..

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