My African Food Map: South African Steamed Bread

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10 thoughts on “My African Food Map: South African Steamed Bread

  1. is this something that existed prior to whites arriving? is it something blacks there created? i don’t know the distinction between south african food and what was brought or heavily influenced by europeans. i know though that there is always cross pollination of cultures.

    1. +orange moonglows I try to find out about the history of all the dishes I present, but had little luck with this one. I would think, like most things food-related in most parts of the world, that this was definitely a result of “cross cultural pollination.” Still, I’ve only ever eaten it with, and seen it cooked by black South Africans.

  2. Hi, this is a traditional bread among the Xhosa people. It derives from the type of bread that was made in the pot. In some parts of the region they would bury the bread in the hot sand, covered with skins. but when the Xhosa were made slaves/ servants under the Boer, they adapted their traditional cooking in European homes during Apartheid South Africa. I hope that helps!

  3. Thanx for the recipe. Not too many authentic South African recipes out here so we really appreciate the time you took to make a quality video. Ps: I’m making one as I type. Hope it turns out good

  4. hi! I’m a new subscriber. what ingredients did you use as well as measurements. I’m making for 3 people.

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