Musacaa (Egyptian Braised Eggplants) recipe…. طريقة عمل المسقعة المصري

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Musacaa is an Egyptian dish made out of mainly eggplants and some other vegetables
this is my own recipe that i promise you will love. it actually tastes better when it stays overnight so i hope you give it a try and let me know how you liked it

31 thoughts on “Musacaa (Egyptian Braised Eggplants) recipe…. طريقة عمل المسقعة المصري

  1. Please put exact measures/ingredients of food recipe so that we can follow to cook it, thanks!

  2. will you please teach us different delicious egyptian sauses normally served before the main course

  3. I was salivating just by watching your video. We use to make something like that called Adjab Sandal. Adding garbanzo beans will make my hubby very happy. Thanks for sharing. You very beautiful.

  4. Am an egyptian living abroad on my own for almost like three years now, only recently started to learn how to cook and i can say that your videos helped me alot to make all my favorite recipes that i really missed, thank you for all your great effort and keep it up.

  5. I like your healthy version of Musacca! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    1. Chika Catherine Hara-Mikhail yes its very healthy. cause she made the egg plant in the oven and used bit of oil in frying

  6. Thank you so much Miriam, I’ve learned a lot from your channel … you are a great cook, keep up the good work 🙂

    1. +haz406 thank you glad u liked it. Stay tuned more vedios is on the way

  7. thank you for the video, it helped me so much,at least i dont miss home,
    keep making more traditional Egyptian dishes please,
    many regards from UK

    1. +Noah Ibrahim food can be the answer to many things but it definitely can help with our home sickness. I love it when I’m cooking something and my kids come and tell me the house smells like gedo and teta’s house in Egypt (grandpa and grandma’s house). I love that i can give them a glimpse of our traditions.
      So glad you liked it. Thank you for your support 😊

    2. hi Miriam.

      thank you for the fast reply.
      I wish I can email you some of own dishes, some I made to myself so
      I can survive in this life, some modified known international.
      If you want to know? send me your email and i ll email some to you.
      i cant say or claim that i a great cook,i just love food purely.

      My wife ll share some notes too because she love most of our food too, she is really like a kid left alone running loss in the sweets shop
      when I take her to the deserts and cakes shop in Manchester,
      you ll laugh of happiness when you see the impressions on her face,
      It make me pleased and happy. 🙂

      thank you for your reply.
      NOTE: my house smells nice food too 🙂 when my wife come from work, i finish before her some time.

    3. i would love to learn some of your own recipes too. my business email is listed under the information. it’s please feel free to send me the recipes i’m looking forward to trying some of them out.i’m always on the hunt for a good recipe

  8. could it be the answer for that type of peeling, is it to do lighting of the work load on the appendix ?
    so we can enjoy our food as much as we can with no problems.
    i think.

  9. The reason you peel it like that is if you have the full skin, after deep frying it will get detached from the flesh and won’t look as good 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 i never knew and i never asked my Mom God rest her sole. 🙂
      but it makes sense now that u said that thanks 🙂

    1. +unique vibes you’ll love it. It’s addicting 😊 please take a pic when you do make it and show ot to me. I would love to see your recreation

  10. I tried ur hummus recipe today. we loved it. 🙂 thank u.. can u please teach us authentic egyptain biryani if u have one!

    1. +Shaz Shaz thank you, hope it turned out delicious. Regarding the Biryani, it’s an Indian and Afghani recipe it’s not Egyptian but I’ve a great recipe for both Indian and Afghani Biryani I’ll be sharing both of them in the future 😊

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