Molokhia (Egyptian Jute Leaf Soup)

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Fatma shares a family recipe for an Egyptian classic – molokhia or molokheya. Molokhia is a soup prepared from jute leaves. When paired with fried bell peppers and red sauce, this traditional favorite comes to life as a refreshing and tasty dish to share with family and friends. Be happy. Be healthy. Eat molokhia! πŸ™‚

30 thoughts on “Molokhia (Egyptian Jute Leaf Soup)

  1. My in laws are Egyptian and we all ways eat this soup and also that red sauce but its spicy ,,

    1. +Isha Kargbo the plant it self has many names
      in french corète potagère
      in english Jew’s mallow
      in latin Corchorus olitorius

  2. Asalamalikum Mad’am shkron for showing your version of this delicious food. My children are Egyptian American and sometimes my middle son loves to eat this. I made this 3 times and it came out like glue however I practice making for a year now but always looking for different techniques and style. God bless you I look forward to seeing more of your videos of your delicious Egyptian cuisine Inshallah. 😊

  3. Love your video and your explanations…very clear. Unfortunately I can only get the dried molokhia. But I remember the fresh molokhia soup with rabbit when I was in Egypt…but most times when I was there, it was with chicken. Love this soup!

  4. My father was born in Egypt as a Jew. The main think we keep remembering Egypt is for the Melochia dish.
    My husband is European and he loves this dish. My sons and grandsons love it as well. From this vidio, I understand that we can make tomato to it. I’m going to try. Thanks

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