Matumbo Stew (Tripe) – Kenyan Matumbo Recipe – Jikoni Magic

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In Kenya matumbo (tripe) is very affordable and if done properly can be one of the tastiest dishes ever. This matumbo stew is thick and hearty and also quite the comfort food.


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46 thoughts on “Matumbo Stew (Tripe) – Kenyan Matumbo Recipe – Jikoni Magic

    1. Hi dear, thank you for your feedback. Yes, the recipe does go well with other kinds of meat as well. I have tried with kienyeji chicken, amazing.

    1. +hatimjm1 Hahaa, wish I did. My family is the one that enjoys it on most days… unless I am doing some outside catering.

  1. God will bless you with your own restaurant soon,,,sema kuhama kwangu niishi kwa hiyo kitchen restaurant

  2. I have to try this, matumbos are not my specialty but you make them look soo sweet, am off to try…..

    1. Really?? Oh wow!! That’s a new one didn’t know that. So do you boil them before hand or you just add them as you go along like any other ingredient?

  3. I don’t like tripe, but u make them edible! I feel you on okra but eggplants. Are not my favourite either!

    1. I absolutely love tripe, but as for the okra…. No matter how much I syke myself up….hapana! lol.

  4. I will not eat beef tripe unless it is Matumbo. It is so good! My Kenyan friend cooked it for me and I want some more. I guess I will have to try my best to prepare it for myself.

  5. I prefer okra than matumbo…thy look like snails yuck I can’t stand matumbo uùuuuuck…every food uv been I give u 100%….but matumbo noòooh

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