Makayabu Ya Sauce / Salt Fish Dish

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Makayabu / Salt fish

Salt fish is well known in Congo DRC and it taste delicious. We usually serve this with pretty much anything with rice, plantain and any many more. There are many ways you can prepare this dish so on this video I'm going to show you one of those ways.


Salt fish
Belled pepper
Tined tomatoe
Tomato puree
Garlic paste
Jumbo Dehydrated Chicken Stock
Vegetable oil

Pili pili/ Chilli sauce:


This can served ago side with the following:




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I hope you enjoy 😊💜.

7 thoughts on “Makayabu Ya Sauce / Salt Fish Dish

  1. I stopped eating semolina fufu now it’s making pple to be fat with big tamy either white or yellow. it’s so nice. every congolaise is fan of semolina. it’s not corn it’s weat. I only eat now only fufu ya masango. the real corn meal. white corn four it’s doesn’t tiet yr timy after eating them. it’s finish easy in tamy when go to washroom. I bye a big bag a premium quality. I can cook too. you did cook them well. but I always put tomatoes pasta before to be fried well then I put the the fresh tomatoes because I don’t like the tomato pasta’smells I frie it Antil it’s turn to brown thank you. for the nice video

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