Lamb Liver Salad How To Make Lamb Liver Salad

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Lamb Liver Salad Recipe Making Raw Lamb Liver Salad. A Traditional Sudanese Recipe. When you think of Raw Liver Salad you wouldn't know that there is traditional food in a country like Sudan that I think will wow Raw Food Lovers.

If this Lamb liver recipe is not to your liking I understand but it is part of the food I was introduced to when living in Sudan and I'm sharing recipes I know with you.

Eating Liver is supposed to be good for you specially if you're anemic. Do check with your doctor to see if this is true.

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12 thoughts on “Lamb Liver Salad How To Make Lamb Liver Salad

  1. Dear Mariette, I always love your recepies and I understand your motivation of sharing recepies with us. But in no way I will never never, even dare eating raw liver…Isn’t that even dangerous..??

  2. Thank you for loving my recipes. This one is different I know. When my mother in law introduced me to raw liver salad, I said no thank you too. She explained to me how raw liver had saved her life. While pregnant with my husband, she had become dangerously anemic, An English doctor, visiting town, has advised her to eat liver every day. The all organic and natural iron in the liver has saved her and her child’s life! Always buy liver fresh from a reputable butcher.

  3. The lime juice actually ‘cooks’ the liver, like it would raw fish. It’s not technically ‘raw’ once the lime juice has been added and allowed to soak in to the meat for 5-10 minutes, as it’s an acid.

  4. i want to try this! i am thinking about the liver being fresh and parasites or what not! any idea how to prepare raw liver in order to eliminate this danger?

  5. buy fresh from a reputable butcher and make the butcher know that you have the intention to prepare raw liver salad before purchasing the liver. Add a lot of lemon and cayenne pepper. Enjoy! 🙂

  6. Thank you for your input. it is greatly appreciated when readers share their views and comments with our readers and us. I agree with Mehotep atlas and along the same purpose we freeze the fish before preparing sushi. thanks agani, and God bless. 🙂

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