Kenyan Style Black Beans Stew ( Njahi ) Recipe

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Black beans is a traditional kenyan dish, very tasty and definately good for our body, i have only used few ingredients and spices as well to give the food a lift with flavour, black beans can be eaten as a salad, side dish,stew, on its own, with rice or chapati. Thank you for watching.

There are different names to this beans, you could read about them on.

44 thoughts on “Kenyan Style Black Beans Stew ( Njahi ) Recipe

  1. girl asanti sana! I’m bout to make some njahe right now. thank you for the recipe & big UPS!

    1. +bmarsh333 @ Brings a smile to me just seeing such a nice comment, enjoy your lovely njahi,

  2. Hi Jane.. looks deliiiish!!!..kindly put up a video of how to make the homemade chicken stock. I want to follow that recipe to the letter. Thanks.

    1. +elizabeth magua, Sure will definately do that didn’t think people would love to watch it, will do it soon, thanks for the request, bye.

  3. Hi Jane, I live in the US and I miss Kenyan food, your cooking is amazing…Annie

    1. +Annette Smith, Hi Annette it’s good to hear from you, and thanks for watching, and the lovely compliments, I love Kenyan food myself, and enjoy most of it. keep watching and thanks. Bye

    1. Hi Shiku, yes it is in my to do list should be coming soon. Thanks for your request. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hie Tee Tee, not sure they are sweet, they are definately different from most of beans, but I won’t say they are sweet, they are very powdery if we have such word. Do you have ones that are sweet? Thanks for your question.

    2. +Dine with Jane..I Live in the US but I lived in Kenya for a year(last year).I bought some black beans and I could have sworn they were sweet,but everybody taste palette is different.Anyway they were extremely hard even after I soak them the night before and cooked them for what seemed like hours.They still remained very hard..I admit they had a good flavor but too hard.I think I bought some bad black beans๐Ÿ˜€.If that’s possibleโ˜บ๏ธ.hehe

    3. Hie Tee Tee I thought maybe you had it when someone had made it cause their is a meal like that with black beans with bananas mashed together, it’s a traditional dish.

  4. Thank you! I am an American and moving to Kenya in two weeks. I am trying to learn how to cook proper meals for when i get there!

    1. +Dine with Jane
      Thanks for the kind words. My future wife is Kenyan and I want to impress her by knowing some of her favorite dishes, She said this is her mom’s favorite so I thought it would be a great way to score points! Haha! I am moving to Diani beach. It is like paradise there!

    2. +darkangelsoaps Oh you are welcome, that’s very nice that you want to learn and know Kenyan food, I say she will be very happy to see that you have made some effort to know about Kenyan food. Yes Diani is like paradise, very beautiful and the weather is lovely at the coast. Enjoy your time there.

    1. Hi Eve welcome to my channel and joining this little family of mine here on YouTube, hope you find some nice and easy recipes here. Take care and thanks for watching.

    1. Hi Heather I would add beef, it’s not too strong in flavour. Thanks for your question.

    1. Thank you Doreen for your comment, My Mum gave me the pan a while ago, not sure where she got it.

    1. Thank you so much twirlforme I appreciate your comment. please do try and let me know how it turns out. Takecare bye.

    1. Thanks Gabrielle for trying out my recipe, am glad it turned out nice. Thanks for watching.

  5. My aunt is from Kenya and her whole family, I grew up watching and helping her make everything. My favorite is Chapati’s, they are so incredible and have so flavorful! It goes with everything. I wish I remembered what the name was, its basically like a doughnut. You can leave it plain or roll the fried dough in sugar. We always had that with our tea. ( Tea with Milk.). I never liked the tea but my mom goes crazy over it. lol. Thank you so very much for taking the time to make a video, it brought back some amazing memories. ๐Ÿ™‚ My ultimate favorite food and it will never change! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. They are called Mandazi and the ones with the cardamom seeds are known as Mahamri.

    1. Hie Jasmine my Mum gave me the pan so I can’t help you am sorry about that. Thanks for watching.

    1. Thank you Doris and Farook I appreciate your comment and watching my channel.

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