Kenyan Style Beef Pilau

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Pilau is a widely eaten in the coastal part of Kenya, it's one of those dish that is enjoyed by all, the spices are Indian influence, pilau has become one of Kenyans favourite dish especially with a big gathering, their is different variation of making pilau, but this is my take on how to make it. Thanks for watching. Enjoy

Pilau Masala, whole spices are, Cummin seeds,Black pepper corns,
Cloves, Cinnamon sticks, Cardamon.
Beef/ chicken
Fresh garlic/ ginger minced
Cooking oil
Tomatoe puree/paste
Fresh tomatoes
Red onion
Fresh chillies
Fresh coriander
Fresh lemon juice

45 thoughts on “Kenyan Style Beef Pilau

  1. now I feel like doing pilau..good job and thanks for the video.pls do chapati..I’m soo bad in making them😊😊

    1. +peris ivy , Thanks watching Ivy, appreciate your comment as well, you should try to make the pilau, it’s really easy love it. I have a chapati recipe on my channel you should check it,

    2. +Dine with Jane (Irrockshi) @ Ivy am planning to do a new updated version of my chapati recipe soon,

    1. +Njesh Kimani @ Njesh you are welcome, their is still loads left, mayb next time will keep some for you, 🙂

    1. Hi Jippyjester thanks for your comment and views, will definately check on that,as i had few comments about it, I appreciate you watching my channel and being a subscriber.Takecare bye for now.

    2. Hi Kevin I bought the beef stock or cube in the supermarket, but you can make your own too.

    1. +Kate Kariuki, where i live they have pakistan, Indian shops and cause they cater for so many people, i thinks it’s brought in as in, they say it’s halal meat, cause thea is a particula way they do, i find the meat has more taste than ya supermarket sometyms. 🙂

    2. @ Kate yeah i find the meat meat from supermarkets has no taste, and the meat is tender as well, thanks for the comment.

    3. +Sheelah Kenis
       We don’t have Morocan or Algerians stores where i am but the Pakistans. i like their stores as i can find things from kenya or substitute for things i love. Thanks Sheelah 🙂

  2. Love the recipe. It’s actually one of the first recipes that I’ve come across whereby the pilau is brown!! Most end up looking white. So thank you for showing how to do that.

    1. Hi T than you for your comment, I say it’s the spicies and using beef stock, and it depends on how everyone cooks I suppose, thanks for watching. Take care bye.

    1. Hi Bluesweets79 thanks for your comment, yeah I know it’s called that but I am in Europe where we call it salsa, pico de gallo is American, or the other part of the world, thanks thou for your suggestion. Take care.

    2. Interesting. All that is Spanish. Not American or European. I was married to a Latino so I know there’s a difference between salsa and Pico. Salsa is almost liquid. Also, there’s green salsa and red salsa. If you just chop the tomatoes and stuff then its pico, not salsa!

    1. Oh thanks, it is definately a delicacy love love Pilau my self. You can try making it, let us know how it turns out. Thanks for the comment, take care bye.

    1. Hey Bijou, thanks for your question, yes it will be but chicken can dry out quickly compared to beef or lamb, but the taste is going to be good. Let me know how it turns out.

    1. Natasha Lim, Hie Natasha thanks for your question, I’d say maybe 30_45 minutes, or when the rice and the meat is soft. let me know how it turns out. Take care bye.

    1. Hi Sephora thanks alot for subscribing, you are welcome to my channel, and thanks for the comment as well.

  3. sorry but you shouldn’t use tomato paste for pilau its the spices that give color. It looks great but its not kenyan/swahili pilau. And we don’t use “pilau masala” either. Look at how swahili pilau is made for an authentic taste.

  4. wow is that how pilau is cooked? anyway as long as imeiva but not the way sorry didn’t mean to be rude wajameni wakenya

    1. Hie Kariuki the spice is called Pilau Masala in the super market, or you can make it yourself, I have ll the ingredients listed in the discription box below, thanks for watching and your question as well. Hope you will be able to find one.

  5. Hi Jane, am happy to watch Pilau looks delicious, am cooking and hoping to get the same thank you for your recipe

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