Kenyan Kienyeji Chicken Wet Fry – Jikoni Magic

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Kenyan Kienyeji chicken (free range) wet fry is very tasty and full of flavor. This recipe is done in a way that is guaranteed to enhance the flavors. Find me at;

13 thoughts on “Kenyan Kienyeji Chicken Wet Fry – Jikoni Magic

  1. Wont the fat just make you fatter? Why not remove the fat, skin (all that cholesterol!…yuk!), then enjoy the real chicken sans all the fat???

  2. Thank you for your comment and yes I agree that free range chicken can have quite a bit of fat and this is why i mentioned that I trimmed off the fat before cooking it although I took just a bit of it to impart flavor to the dish. And please note that no additional oil was used.

    1. Hi Melissa, chicken masala is a combination of different spices that includes some of the ones listed in my video. As long as you have different spices you are good to go or cook, lol :D. You do not necessarily need to have store bought chicken masala, you can whip up your own. Uvoo wa ku mwingo? 

    1. +Suman Reza Hi, it has (in addition to the spices listed in the video) star anise, jaggery, citric acid, lemon grass and onion powder. It’s store bought and already in powder form. I use it sometimes to make up for the spices that I don’t have in my pantry.

    1. Hi, no it was not deep fried. It was just lightly passed over a charcoal flame to get rid of the stubborn feathers that never seem to be plucked off. That is why it has that fried appearance.

    1. +wanjiru pauline Njahi is one of the dishes that I plan to make a video on one of these days….

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