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Kenyan Mince meat kebabs are quite the in thing in the fast food restaurants. For the complete recipe and extra tips go to:

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32 thoughts on “Kenyan Kebabs – Fast Food Restaurant Style Kebabs – Jikoni Magic

  1. this xoo yummy..i once tried buh mine wsnt this pretty..tnxx yu will try ua way

    1. Jikonimagic , thanks.
      So I tried this recipe and it was a FLOP! LoL! The meat was so dry and felt like it had a heavy coating, kinda like beef fried steak. Today I am going to try again bcoz I am not giving up!

    2. Hi, that’s the spirit. Practice makes perfect, don’t give up. Maybe you should fry them for a shorter time this time around. It’s the same thing that happens when you fry meat balls for too long, they end up becoming too dry.

    3. Don’t worry, they will cook through. That is part of the reason I sometimes find it hard to enjoy the restaurant ones, dry and overcooked.

  2. the flour that you rolled in the khebab. is it wheat flour or maize flour? (sorry for sounding so green)

    1. Usijali, we are here to learn from each other, hakuna swali zinashinda zingine kwa maarifa. To answer your question, I used wheat flour.

  3. I think i missed half of it.half was taken by those yummy hands of yours.grt cooking bt am not sure wheatha that is what majority of kenyans buy in the streets of ngara and moi avenue.i think if am not wrong kuna wasee wamemanga dogy na unga ya gorogoro kibao hahaaa

    1. +wachira cool Hahaha, jameni! Technique ni the same, ni ingredients ndio ziko tofauti.

    2. Thats y mm nilisema unless mtu achinje Ng’ombe nikiona aiii haina haja yanibuy unga na dhania mia

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