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Kaimati is one of the most popular street foods in Kenya.


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54 thoughts on “Kenyan Kaimati | Liquaimat Recipe | Jikoni Magic

    1. +Stacy Awuor Hi, you are welcome, it’s my pleasure and I do enjoy making and sharing my recipes with people.

    2. If you are referring to a brand name, yes any will do.As long as it’s the thick variety and unsweetened. Maziwa mala will do very nicely here as well.

    3. I tried them and my sugar didn’t coat the kaimati at all, is it cause I put too much water maybe?

    4. This is because you did not let the syrup evaporate and thicken up before adding the kaimatis in it. Be patient and let it go to the point where it bubbles furiously and you’ll be set. Hope this helps, in case of any more difficulties I’ll be glad to help. I want your kaimatis to slay!!

  1. Nice Kaimati , I like the technique of dipping them in the oil. I will give it a try

    1. Nice to hear from you, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Please try them out halafu uniambie vile utazipenda.

  2. thankyou jiko ni magic. I tried the fried rice with fresh lemon juice n it turned out well. by the way…do I have to pre-boil the French beans?

    1. +Kivuva Elizabeth Hi, thank you for the feedback. No, you do not have to blanch the french beans. I only do it because it helps the green colour to stay bright. You could just cook them as you go. It will take slightly longer but the results will still be the same.

  3. I tried mine was all crunchy both in the inside n out…where did I go wrong?!

    1. Hi, thanks for trying it out. There is nothing you did wrong. They will be crunchy while hot but as they cool down they will soften. I discovered this accidentally because in my house they have a tendency to disappear as soon as they are done, hahaa. So I always thought they are meant to be forever crunchy until a certain day we had some few pieces that were left over and they softened. Personally, I prefer them crunchy.

    2. I want mine with flesh huko ndani but they were like crisps n really oily could the problem b my mala cause it wasn’t thick… it was running

    3. Ooh now I get what you mean, mine are normally crunchy as opposed to crispy. I would not say that it’s the mala because some people use water only. Maybe you could make the balls slightly bigger and your batter slightly thicker. If the batter is on the thin side then you’ll end up with crispy kaimatis. But I have to say that if you are looking to get the ones with a mandazi texture it cannot happen with this kind of batter. It has to be much thicker than this. Hope this helps, if you need more clarification I am more than willing to answer your questions.

  4. Hi, i love this, would it be okey to use something else like coconut milk instead of yorgut, or regular milk although its not thick.

    1. Yes, absolutel, that is a good option. Almond milk can also work. Some people just use plain water and it works, only downside is that it won’t be as rich…

    1. +mish miinah Umekaribishwa sana dadangu. I really enjoy sharing and I’m glad that it actually gets to help people out.

  5. Oooh, loving your channel.. Trying this kesho, wish me luck haha I think I’ll vlog it too!
    Happy Jamhuri day 🇰🇪

    1. +Muthoni Muchiri Happy Jamuhuri day to you too! I would absolutely lovely to see your vlog. Please tag me, *rubbing my hands in anticipation*

  6. Great video. Instructions are simple and explained in a clear way, good job. Thanks for sharing

  7. Today was my first attempt, one of the steps was a miss lol.. didn’t completely cook inside plus it was too sweet for me..

    1. They are normally on the sweet side, that’s why the dough itself doesn’t have lots of sugar in it. I am working on the other kind of kaimati that is fleshier on the inside, the one that is normally found in the kiosks. Once I perfect the recipe I will upload it.

    1. Jikonimagic thanks I had them for breakfast, let’s just say its the best thing….

    2. Jikonimagic but next time I do them I’ll skip the sugar syrup .it was too sweet for me..

    3. I know what you mean about the sugar. I totally get you. What you could do is add slightly more sugar to the dough because otherwise the kaimatis will be very flat without the sugar from the syrup.

    4. I actually learnt from another you tuber “aroma Zanzibar” that yogurt makes them crunchier.

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