Keekat Eljibna – Sudan tv

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Since when do Sudanese know about or use broccoli?? El3ilm ittawar!!

6 thoughts on “Keekat Eljibna – Sudan tv

  1. lool@jibna shadar, i thought she said it’s simple? she just said like a million ingredients! funny how she repeats the “high calories” yet it’s of nutritional. value! so that’s the “Brokely Cheesecake” for ya…

  2. ay wallah give me minsef, makloube, kebse, or any other tabkha 3raby, just don’t give me “keekat el jibna”

  3. pls pls pls translate this in enlish for all of us sudanese children abroad who want to attempt this at home.

  4. كييييك فرنسسسى

    والله انتو مستفزييين شديد

    زى ملكة فرنسا قالو ليها البلد مافيها قالت طيب يااااكلو كييك لحدى ما العيش يجيهم

    انتو بتغشو فى منو بالظبط

    الجزر بقوى النظر
    والخيار فيو معادن
    جبنة شجررر ولا شنووو

    احححححححححححححححححححححححححححححححححى انا االمغصه كتلتنى

  5. Hind Nadir (The lady presenting this video) : i appreciate all the reviews, i tried to do the best and maybe in the future you will something better that satisfies all my .sudanese viewers

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