Jollof rice – African Food Recipes

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Ingredients for Vegetarian Jollof Rice
Serves: 6
1 kg rice
3 tbsp tomato paste
3 tomatoes
2 onions
1 cup green onion
½ red pepper
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 bouillon cube
4 bay leaves
½ cup of parsley
250 ml oil
Thyme leaves
1 tablespoon of ginger
1 head of garlic
Sel and 1 ½ liter water

29 thoughts on “Jollof rice – African Food Recipes

  1. I had everything except for the fresh tomato + tomatoe paste! I had to be creative, lol! I blended sun dried tomatoes w/pasta sauce + green seasoning. My green seasoning already includes garlic, onions, green onions, maggi, etc. I also put about 1/4tsp of Shito for spiciness + shrimp flavor. I also used the Uncle Bens brown rice instead of white. Came out delish! Desperate times call for desperate measures, lol! Better that I have some jollof rather than none! Thanks for the video!

  2. Love your videos and you have a great presence of personality. Also I believe it’s a half cup of cilantro not parsley you are using.

  3. You need to revise the title when you can to Nigerian Jollof rice. I’m Liberian and Gambian and this is definitely not the variation of the dish I grew up on, it’s too plain. But to each its own.

    1. +A. Sallah Take it all leave it you buffoon..She is just given you ideas of how to make Jollof rice..

    2. For real, this recipe is too plain. The Ghanaian jollof I eat, has a lot of flavour and spices

    3. +Jessica Yeboaa You guys are very funny. Does food have to be loaded with unnecessary spices for it to be delicious? Its the simple and plain( which this is not) foods that are most delicious and loaded with NATURAL flavors. Remember, Africans were cooking waaaay before curry, white pepper powder, maggi, and the like was introduced from foreign countries. And Ghanaian jollof is not all that either.

  4. Honey u insulting ur recipe this is not the and u just don’t take other countries recipe and cook them however you wan and said that’s how it done

  5. i would like to try this out… African dishes are great.. bringing a different kinda soul food to the plate! in my opinion!

  6. Where’s the curry powder, the allpurpose seasoning, the maggi cubes, the white pepper powder.. Where are the spices? I can tell this jollof rice tastes plain and tomatoey. Not good😔

    1. +Jessica Yeboaa
      List the ingredients for me sis’. I’m trying to make this Friday night along with fried yams and plantains with fried whole fish(variety of fish as yet to be determined).

      I’m trying to decide on Jollof or rice pillaf though.

  7. This jolllof rice recipe looks soo delicious! I also have a jollof rice recipe, please check it out if you have time. Thanks 😊

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