ICE CREAM ROLLS | Vanilla & Brownie / Fried Thailand Ice Cream rolled by Fortunato in Chile

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Ice Cream Rolls
Vanilla & Brownie Ice Cream Rolls by Fortunato !!
Fried rolled Ice Cream from Thailand in Santiago de Chile
Fortunato – Handmade Ice Cream Rolls
San Isidro 2208, local 7.
Persa Biobio, Barrio Franklin
Santiago centro.
(Phone number +56996188556)
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61 thoughts on “ICE CREAM ROLLS | Vanilla & Brownie / Fried Thailand Ice Cream rolled by Fortunato in Chile

    1. Sam Manley if u stay in malaysia you’ll find one in sunway piramid its called monster ice cream its the same thing

  1. this is not satisfying 🤡 i mean he got some on the edge and it’s not a rectangle and the roll is just ughhhhhh NO I CANT

    1. Taeminee Shinee shawol!!! 😍😍it awesome to find shawols on ice cream posts!! And yeah the corner bit really irritated me too 😂

  2. I’m not sure if it’s just me but was the guy or girl new at the job??? IDK but I feel like they are?

  3. Want REAL rolled icecream? Go anywhere in Asia to get AUTHENTIC rolled ice cream because the way they do it in Chile, apparently, is complete crap

    1. Jojo Pinto don’t need to be rude, it’s a new thing there and I bet they’re learning on their on. Viva Chile ❤

    1. Sam Adams I’ve been to these places and if there’s a line u just have to wait a while😕

  4. And THAT ladies and gentlemen, is how you make a 3 dollar ice cream into a 12 dollar ice cream treat. I speak from personally experience.

  5. Это точно молоко?Оно какое то “вязкое”.Или же это ОЧЕНЬ жирное молоко??

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