How To Prepare Asun (African Recipe) Using Goat Meat In Nigeria / CharlianTV

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Today one of CharlianTv presenter "Charlie Juzie" hit the street to ask a chief man who is preparing asun in an occasion..In this video he talks on how to prepare and how many minutes it could take for someone to get it ready,he said approximately 15minutes-20minutes plus how it can take you to another country.

He also talks about how lucrative being a chief "Making Asun In Parties" can be.Especially in Nigeria,Nigerians like party so it is an opportunity for one to venture into it.He also said this chief can take you to abraod,like London,USA,South Africa anywhere that the Nigerians are situated.

Do you know what Asun means in Nigeria,have you had a taste of it? Enjoy this wonderful video….Please feel free to tell us how tasty it can be on the comment box below for those who haven't have a taste of it…Like And Share this video as well.

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Thanks So Much For Doing This…We from Charlian TV crew loves you !!!

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