How to make Plantain and Gizzard | Gizdodo | Nigerian food

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. This video will show you how to make gizzard and dodo or gizzard and plantain as some people call it. Eat and enjoy this spicy dish with friends and family. It is most enjoyable with a glass of wine or juice

23 thoughts on “How to make Plantain and Gizzard | Gizdodo | Nigerian food

  1. Looks spectacular! I’ll have to try it. I’ve been doing a similar dish with chopped chicken breast or thighs over rice, but gizzards, scotch bonnet & curry is a whole other dimension of fabulousness!

  2. U have thought me a lot of things on YouTube and because of you Im now a better wife at the kitchen. U are a great cook n you really impressed me. thanx

  3. Well done! You make cooking look so simple and uncomplicated. Looks good. I’m trying this today.

  4. I am African American trying to learn my people’ food, culture, Lang. etc. You make me feel I can do this!  It’s funny how a lot of our soul food dishes are so closely similar, but different names!  That goes to show you how strong the African in us could not be destroyed with slavery, distance, brainwashing or  time!!!  By the way, my dna says I am Yoruba/Ife, Nigerian!  I feel really proud, even though they stole my family tree. Glory To God!!! . Ne’te’lege = Joy

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