HOW TO MAKE NIGERIAN PUFF PUFF(kpof kpof) | Nigerian Food Recipes

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Nigerian puff puff recipe | Nigerian kpof kpof recipe:

Nigerian Puff Puff recipe (kpof kpof) is a popular Nigerian snack recipe that's loved and enjoyed by so many. Grab this easy and delicious Nigerian food/snack recipe and start cooking 🙂

Nigerian puff puff recipe, Nigerian kpof kpof recipe,

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17 thoughts on “HOW TO MAKE NIGERIAN PUFF PUFF(kpof kpof) | Nigerian Food Recipes

  1. Here are crucial factors to get a good outcome: Make sure the amount of yeast applied balances out with the amount of self-raising flour used. In the video, I used 200g of flour and 1 sachet of yeast.

    Make sure it’s a self-raising flour and your must mix with warm water as it works well with the yeast.

    Cover and make sure it’s air tight for 45 – 60mins. When you fry afterwards, it will come out round and nice. Hope that helps 🙂

  2. I was gonna try this but just realised i bought the plain flour.Does it make a difference or do i just return it.I am sure the self raising ones were in the aisle as well.

    1. Hi Naiz, click on the food blog in the description above to see the right measurements.

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