How To Make Nigerian Buns

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Buns should not be confused with puff puff
Plain flour
Sun oil

32 thoughts on “How To Make Nigerian Buns

  1. Thank you for enlightening the world about beauty recipes Nigeria has. Many Europeans have been asking me about how to make some of these.

  2. what do i put excess that makes my buns not to have the round shape when they enter the hot oil, it just changes shape and becomes shapelessly funny

  3. why don’t you guys actually include quantities in your recipes. you can’t expected inexperienced cooks to estimated the required quantities in the recipes

  4. This is beautiful even serious young women can upgrade from here this days men can not send their women home as again because they cannot cook lolz

    1. I thought i was the only one that noticed.. i watched like four other channels and they were all the same, the quantity wasn’t in the description.

  5. we Ghanaians started making buns and puff puff in Nigeria in the 80s so don’t say Nigeria puff puff

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