How to make Nigeria Meat Pie – Special Edition

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How to make Nigeria Meat Pie : . This video will expose the long hidden secrets of Nigeria Meat Pie that many Nigerians love to eat but find it challenging to make.These continuous challenge on how to make Nigeria Meat Pie can be daunting most especially with the amount of time involved in the process. This video aims to explain step by step of how to combine the ingredients in making the Nigeria Meat Pie less stressful . Ingredients can be easily bought and sourced from any part of the world. In this video , you will also learn how not to add ONIONS and CURRY in your Nigeria Meat Pie.

29 thoughts on “How to make Nigeria Meat Pie – Special Edition

    1. They taste nothing like Jamaican patties though. Jamaican patties are the best!

  1. I did it exactly and my meat pie was good,now my family ask me to make meat all the time, thanks bro

  2. “Curry for what?! Are you making Jamaican patty?”
    Che! This man is hilarious

  3. This looks like a beginner friendly recipe. Thanks for the tutorial. Lool but please what did onion and curry do to you 😂😭

  4. i finally made my meat pies using your recipe and they were lush. the only problem i had was the mould was putting a line in the pastry. we enjoyed the meat pies for dinner. thanks.

  5. I really have great passion for baking and pastries but I don’t know how to go about it, less I forget, ur meat pie made me very hungry….. Lolzzzz nice one

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