How to make Halva – The recipe that works! (Halwa)

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After much experiments Sue and I were able to make Halva at home. It's really good and I hope you try it.

1/2 cup water
2 cups of sugar
1 1/2 cup of Tahini Paste (warmed up to 100-110F before added to the syrup)
1 tsp Vanilla extract

Optional – Toasted Pistachios or other nuts.

Special thanks to Sue Michaels of The Kitchen Store:

26 thoughts on “How to make Halva – The recipe that works! (Halwa)

  1. I made this, my thermometer ran out of batteries so I guessed the temperatures. I waited till the sugar was at hard ball stage. As I added the warm to touch tahini it seized and crystallised into a dust instantly! Was that tahini too cold? Is that why this happened? Or did I go wrong somewhere else? I also added a few cubes of chocolate to be like chocolate halva. Could that have seized it?


  2. thank you so much you champions!!! well done!!! I want to make one with honey.. I’ll let you know how I go lol xx

  3. Guys, please put the complete written recipe below the video for everyone’s convenience.
    Thank you.

  4. you should first prepare the sugar like candy
    let it to cool down and then stretch it with tahini
    don’t pour the tahini on the hot syrup

  5. I’ve had a lot of trouble making Tahini and it just never turned out right. Never.   I notice that your Tahini is much thinner than what I use.   Did you have to thin it yourself?   I’m already making changes to my recipe after seeing your informative video because everything is wrong about my recipe which I found on the Internet, even some of the ingredients.    The texture of your Halvah looks more like what we use to get in Chicago at Jewish shops many moons ago.

  6. Mine turned out ok but a little bit hard. Should I play with the temperature to adjust it a little bit or to stir more once is mixed with the syrup? I think I didn’t stir so much last time when I mixed the tahini in the syrup, I mixed like 10-20 seconds and then when I poured it, I let it sit there. What do you think?

  7. However, I had a better results on my second try at the soft ball and also modified the recipe to my tasting. Much better. Best regards.

    1. Tahini is just sesame seeds turned into a paste. Just like peanuts=peanut butter; sesame seeds= tahini.

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