How To Make French Fries – Video Recipe

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French fries are a favourite all over the world. Learn how to make them at home with this easy recipe. They turn out beautiful and crispy. Give it a go!

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Ingredients (serves 2):

2 Medium long potatoes
½ tsp onion salt (substitute for salt and onion powder if unavailable)
½ tsp garlic powder
¼ tsp ground oregano
Vegetable oil for frying


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25 thoughts on “How To Make French Fries – Video Recipe

  1. I swear fucking 90% of cooking channels are Australian! Maybe I should start one with my Perth accent

  2. Please tell me why you cooked the twice ? and why you just didn’t washed them ?

  3. I made these and they turned out so good thanks for the video

  4. I just tried your way of making french fries. They were so easy to make and the right consistency.
    Awesome video. Thanks so much.

  5. Thanks! I made them for my mom, because I love to cook, and we both loved them! <3

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