How to make Dry Wors

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Droëwors (Dry Wors) is a popular South African snack food, made by drying a thinner variant of traditional boerewors sausage.
Although pork is essential in boerewors, pork or veal is not used in droëwors because it can make it rancid.
Drying makes the sausage ideal for storage and is a great source of protein when travelling or camping make it difficult to cook.

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  2. thanks! cant wait to try it. Ive bought my first biltong crown national spices last month and haven’t stoped eating biltong since. didint know they hade a wide range of equipment, does Crown National sell it in the UK too? THANKS FOR THE VIDEO!

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  5. For sure the spice mix contains toxic, high-temperature-processed commercial salt and / or highly-toxic monosodium glutamate.   No commercial operation in the world avoids both these toxins when making droëwors.   Why?   It’s cheaper and more-addictive.

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