How to make Cabbage KETO Moin moin / moinmoin (Moi moi) │Low Carbs │LCHF │MakeItWithChichi Ep7

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In this video, I will be showing how I make the cabbage moinmoin. This is a brilliant alternative to the traditional Beans Moinmoin eaten in Nigeria.

24 thoughts on “How to make Cabbage KETO Moin moin / moinmoin (Moi moi) │Low Carbs │LCHF │MakeItWithChichi Ep7

    1. lol!! I tell you. I think I am going to make more non-Psyllium husk low-carb dishes. We can not put all our money in the pocket of the Psyllium husk Manufacturer.

    2. MakeItWithChichi where do you buy your psyllium husks (e.g is it from people that sells flour or supermarket or herbs seller’s ? nice video

  1. i have tried almost all ur keto recipe chichi,ur channel is very informative &very helpful, certainly helped me a lot on my keto journey. God bless u sis.

  2. hi, this looks great! just started on my healthy lifestyle journey and im glad to see healthy alternatives to African foods.

  3. Please oo!!! What are the Macros. God bless you for this one !! Amazing that I can eat my food on this diet, who knew

  4. open your keto restaurant, i am struggling, and tired of eating meats and eggs. your recipes has given me hope.

  5. wow thanks chichi i cook mine today and i really enjoyed it just the way you cook yours and it was great , more videos please.

  6. Awesomely nice Video. i also heard that foil paper ain’t so good for us to eat from too. because of what was used in making it.

  7. Welddone Chichi..Please where can I get the tin you used in making the Moinmoin? and did i hear you say that foil plate is not good?

  8. Ma, please where can I get psyllium hulk ? And what brand of steamer will you recommend ? Thank you

  9. how is this Moi Moi??? Does it taste like Moi Moi though? Wow. creative but I don’t know. Lol. Beans is protein….I don’t think it will add carbs to your diet.

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