How to cook Pilau (FULL) episode 1 Courtesy of Kitchen Mechuka

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Cooking made fun at Kitchen Mechuka. Cook Pilau with a coastal touch. #SwahiliVersion

27 thoughts on “How to cook Pilau (FULL) episode 1 Courtesy of Kitchen Mechuka

    1. Teresia Wanjiru yes you can . Some people like it more colourful. also u can put pilipili boga the green one.

  1. Thanks for speaking in Swahili most folks speak English I subscribed before watching asanteni Mpenzi love your video

    1. Hehehe Monicah, I have never cooked pilau b4 but thanks to Alice I made it. Pili pili ya kupikwa ndio noma . I already quenched my salivation 🙂

    2. Hahaha, Monicah sambaza huku. Sasa nangoja Biriani from you 🙂 2017 goals : Kupika lazima nijue….Ugali na nyama imenichokesha 🙂 🙂

  2. i don’t know the ingredient you used ukitengeneza the sauce. you called it masala. …. yaani pilau masala ama ? please forgive my ushamba

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