How To Cook Nigerian Fried Rice

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Green beans
Green pepper
Red pepper
Chicken broths
Vegetable oil

Wash and chop all the vegetables(this is very neccessary)

14 thoughts on “How To Cook Nigerian Fried Rice

  1. nigerians are well known thoughout the earth for being scammers and thieves though… we can’t trust whatever they say or do because they always want to steal something

  2. Thx for sharing this video with us..

    Could you please explain at what point did you used the BROTHS.. Coz i thoroughly look through the video and it didn’t appear you mention it at all… thx.

  3. this is just white rice mixed with veggies, this is not fried rice! so what happened to the so called broth? if I may ask!; and at what point did u add it???

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