How To Cook Nigerian Fish Stew – Headless Red Bream Fish | Nigerian Food Recipes

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How to cook Nigerian fish stew/soup with headless red bream fish. For more Nigerian food and soup recipes subscribe to our channel.

Nigerian Food Channel:


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25 thoughts on “How To Cook Nigerian Fish Stew – Headless Red Bream Fish | Nigerian Food Recipes

  1. well done franklin. this was what i cooked this afternoon even though i like the fish fried. it’s the family favourite fish. even before the stew is cooked we’ve amost finished the fish from the deep fryer. lol..

  2. Thanks for watching :). I drop in the Yoruba names for those that might find it useful.

  3. Hello I have just watched your video and found it very useful, however there were just a few things I wanted to confirm with you. When you blended the pepper, did you also blend the onion, tin tomato and scotch bonnet as well? Also how long do you cook the stew for until you add the fish? and the stock cubes were they chicken or fish?

  4. I prefer to use only palm oil because its healthy unlike the processed vegetable oil.
    nice video anyway

    1. +Ummu Bilaal There’s nothing wrong with preference. If both are used moderately, there’s nothing wrong with either of the two 🙂

  5. Am kenyan…..i recently had nigerian fish at a bday party n really liked it. i decided to try cooking using this recipe(i just added more onions coz i love them on my stews). anyways i cant get enough of the stew!! thanks bro for the great video!

  6. This is a great video. How do I clean red bream fish please? Also does it cook thoroughly in just 15mins? Thanks

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