How to Cook Congolese Fumbwa – full instructions

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Please see the Ingredients below:

* 1 bag of Fumbwa
* Dried Fish
* 3 half bell peppers
* 1 Onion
* 4 Spring Onions
* 1 Maggie cube
* 4 tsp of Jumbo Dehydrated Chicken Stock
* 1 tbsp garlic paste
* 7 tbsp palm oil (make sure it's melted to make it easier to measure)
* 8 tbsp SMOOTH peanut butter
* 900ml of water
* Half a tea spoon of all purpose seasoning
* Half a tea spoon of nutmeg
* 5 tbsp chopped tinned tomatoes



Salt Fish:

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28 thoughts on “How to Cook Congolese Fumbwa – full instructions

  1. Hi your videos have been really helpful. I’m going to be marrying a Congolese very soon and I’m really trying my best to learn how to make his food, thank you. How high do you put the fire when you’re cooking it for 30 minutes before turning it down to low?

    1. Hey, that’s nice to hear, congratulations 😊. In the first 30 minutes I have the heat on meduim before turning it on low.

      All the best with your wedding πŸ’œ

  2. wow i think your channel Will be My favorite ever. i’m half congolese but i Don’t know much about the food . So this Will be soo helpful.

    1. Fatou Mounzeo thanks for your comment, I’m glad you like my channelπŸ’• that’s cool! your half Congolese, what’s the other country that you’re from?

  3. I saw the word cook in your name and had to sub. Then find out your congolese. God bless youtube (and fumbwa and kwanga na soso, I DONT put palm oil in my fumbwa and pondu tho) YAAASSSSSS

  4. TIP: melt the peanut butter in another pot before adding it to the mix, that how I do it πŸ™‚ never had an issue with stickyness πŸ™‚
    it looks yummy tough my recipe is a little different :)… I have cravings now lol

    1. Davina-Pearl DaughterOfTheMostHigh thanks for the tip 😊 I will need to give it a tryπŸ‘Œ

  5. Thank you so much for this video! I have been looking for this recipe for like 8 years!!! I followed the suggestions of one of the commentators to dilute the peanut butter in a separate bowl and I was checking on it every 30 minutes, but it still stuck a little, but it must be the pot I think. Thanks again!!

  6. 1) wash fumbwa, wash smoked fish. 2) boil fumbwa before adding anything else, after boiling it, change water and boil it again because the colour etc…3) put again a clean water + ingredients+peanut butter+smoked fish or salt fish( make sure you boil salt fish very nice, no too much salt), keep on steering it with a spoon make sure peanut butter does not stuck on the pot. N.B: no too much peanut butter. Fumbwa is a Bas-Congo traditional food.

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